Ephedrin (Ephedrine)

  • Manufactured by: GenShi Labs
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Manufacturer: GenShi Labs

Category: Oral Steroids

Substance: Ephedrine

Package: 30 tabs. 30 mg

Gen-Shi Ephedrine belongs to the wide product range of Gen-Shi Labs which is a well-known company in the field of bodybuilding area.It contains 30 tabs of Ephedrine substance packed in sachet.

Ephedrine, obtained from the plant called as Ephedra Sinensis, is often found in herbal diet pills. It is a stimulant that increase the heart rate and speeds up the nervous system. It can be used for enhancing fitness training as well as dieting. One of the other benefical effects of Ephedrine is that it makes you focused and alert while training.

On the other hand, it has a significant list of side effects which is why it is a restricted drug in most countries; moreover, it is also claimed that Ephedrine is used as one of the compenents of drugs such as ecstasy and crystal meth. Ephedrine's side effects include headaches, nausea, heart problems, sweating and insomnia. It should also be emphasized, there is no place for such healt risky sife effects in case of being sensible and using drug within recommended dosage range.

Ephedrine diet pills provide you to enhance the rate of metabolism thanks to a process named as thermogenesis. In other words, Ephedrine diet pills help the body to burn off more of its fat; indeed, it is working so well on this issue according to many of bodybuilders. It is even used for lowering the overall weight just before a competition by both bodybuilders and athletes.

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